Saturday, May 3, 2014

Indigo Bananas again!

Got 3 more of the kick ass indie brand Indigo Bananas. There just blow my mind and are so unique and kool.

And with that said, very hard to capture on photo. Grrr.
It is what it is, addicts! But trust me, these really do need a place in your collection.
Will post the first two now.

First one is  Rez,  it's a grey & black glitter, purple duochrome base. It's a stunner. Looks like granit indoors but flashes green and lillac when light hits it. In the sun or in direct light this has the most amazing duochrome green and lillac....and the texture almost makes me want to call it a textured polish. This is badass with no top coat too. I did use one coat of HK but that didnt do it any favours, so I used my normal SV on top. Gives it a 3D-effect really. Applies lovely, go in with a thik first coat, let dry and then a medium second coat. Thats all you need for total coverage. So flipping kool!
Shitty bottle shoot. Deal.

See how it shifts? Gah.

The silver glitter makes it so galaxy like.

Strong green shift.

Next is  Enchante - red & black jelly - this GLOWS blue in the dark! I had forgotten that this is a glow in the dark polish until I did this post actually. Cant wait to go to bed now. Hah. This is a very bright red jelly with black glitter. I used 3 coats in the pics and that is more than enough. The black glitter gives it some depth too. So squishy and fun! Like a strawberry smoothy or jam. The glitter applies perfect, no dabbing needed really. Give it a little time before the second coat. I am really loving this one.

I know you just want to bite my fingers, they look so jummy. o_O

Super kool in your face red.

You can get your hands on these via Indigo Bananas and they cost $6 for small and $10 for full size bottle.
Check her out over at Facebook. She is super nice and her customer service is outstanding.