Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ellis Faas - Lights

Ellis Faas is a high end band, the first time I saw this product online I went on a crazed manhunt to get my hans on "LightE306" . it as kool as I thought it would be? Read on, read on!

Eliis Faas products come in sleek packinging, in chrome sylinders and you can fit them in a chrome tube and store them there. Products cover lips eyes and face and the idea is that everything has the same sylinder shape and makes for a system to be easily stored.  It's all very sci-fi and modern looking. And we digg that. Make sure to check out the website as its pretty badass.
Kool looking, huh?

The creamy eyes Lights E306  is a liquid eyeshadow that sets on your eyes, and the color I have is Holographic Bordeaux.These can be addes as a highlight to your eyes or used on their own. They do not feel sticky or drying. It's a twist/click product and make sure you pay close attention, because I over-clicked it and made a slight mess as pic below show. Mine had some bent hairs, didnt expect that.

The product applies evenly across the lid, dabb it with fingetip to get that metallic shine. I have great results blending this out with a blendig brush too.
Here is the green/teal shift in color.

The color i have is a duochrome red/green, think MAC Club or any of the billion dupes of that eyeshadow. The combo is great for my green eyes, as the red gived you that "living dead" look and the green adds life.
Here you see the red/brown color

I really do adore this, the downside is that its not watherproof. And it does not stay on until bedtime. Its not one of those "this product will stay put even through nuclear war"- kinda product. But its stunning, very expencive looking, and the quality is very good. I reach for this often, its quick and easy and ones applied, it looks as if you've used 3-4 different shades/products. But noooo.

It's an expencive thing to have in your makeup bag, it's $43

No scent. No taste. No animal testing.