Monday, December 30, 2013

Indigo Bananas - Joy Forever.

Indigo Bananas was for me an unknown indie until the evil girls over at PAA Scandinavia lured me into checking out the brand.

I ordered 3 mini bottles and they are a really good size at 8ml, vegan and 3free.

First one I will show you is Joy Forever.
A really kool looking emerald green linear holo with intense red glitter.
I recommend two think coats, let the first dry a little before adding a second coat. This needs a top coat to come alive as it dries semi mat/dull. With top coat the holo really is intense and the emerald green is so vibrant. With the red, almost flame like glitter, it's a very atmospheric polish!

This is a two coater, the brush is nice to work with, the polish it self layers nicely and there is no need for fishing red glitter. I LOVE polish with contrasting colored glitter so this is so me.

And a word about the customer service: Outstanding. She shipped the same day, just like half an hour after I ordered, and it took maybe a week to get the polishes. She is ├╝bernice via mail and I do recommend the brand to everyone.

1 mini 8ml costs 46 nok, 40nok shipping for the first bottle and 10nok for the second. For 3 I paid 180 nok with shipping.  Buy via her Etsy.

Polish pr0n!
Just look at that red!


  1. Gorgeous!! I love her polishes, great swatches you've got here. :)

  2. Cheers! Her polishes actually reminds me of Nerd Lacquer in some ways. Truly unique and kool.